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The Musical Comedy Murders of 1940
Presented by Corpus Christi Community Theatre
Performed in 2004

Sometimes Murder is a Real Hoot!

How can murder be funny? When it's John Bishop's drop-dead comedy, The Musical Comedy Murders of 1940!

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The Show:

Written by John Bishop, this Broadway comedy is set in the library of an old mansion in Chappaqua, New York, in December of 1940. The story involves two different murder plots that get intertwined during an attempt to solve a three-year old investigation of the deaths of some Broadways chorus girls. A feigned backer's audition is set up in the library in at attempt to lure the murderer.

The owner of the mansion is a well-known supporter of theatre, but when the Broadway hopefuls appear at the mansion hoping to be backed, they soon find themselves watching their own backs ... because there's a murderer loose in the mansion. Dead bodies are showing up everywhere, and a blizzard has cut off all possible ways out! Accusing fingers point in all directions but don't go jumping to conclusions in this fast-paced comedy because nothing is as it appears.

The library is complete with a grand piano and numerous secret passages that are accessed through revolving, sliding, and swinging bookcases. People are falling down dead, those presumed dead reappear, and it remains unclear as to who is really who.

The play, which pokes antic fun at the more ridiculous aspects of "show biz" and the corny thrillers of Hollywood's heydey, is a non-stop barrage of laughter as those assembled untangle the mystery of the Stage Door Slasher. This ingenious and wildly comic romp enjoyed a long, critically-acclaimed run both on and off-Broadway.
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